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As a dog owner you would like your dog to look and feel his/her best. Due to a human's busy schedule, we very often forget about our furry friends. When a dog gets matted, it becomes very difficult to almost impossible to brush the coat, adding stress to discomfort.

Matts are painful, ie if you take your own hair and twist it, you will find that it hurts. The matts on the dogs have the same effect as the the hair that you twisted on your head. I do suggest that a thorough brushing will make the situation a whole lot easier for both your "baby" and the groomer.


Dogs will get into a situation that will call for a bath, ie rolling into "smelly" things (you hate it, but they love it!) running through mud, etc. Before putting the dog in a bath, brush your pet as much as possible.

Even if your are using baby shampoo, it is too strong for your dog's skin. You must dilute it 4 to 1 (4 part water to 1 part shampoo). Do not apply any type of shampoo directly onto the dog's skin. Instead, put shampoo into a pail and dilute it into a foamy solution with hot water. Wet your dog first with warm water. Then apply the soapy solution with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

Dry your dog wih a blow dryer to avoid the hair from getting matted. Be extra careful not to flush water into your dog's ears. You can cover the ears with your hands when rinsing or use cotton balls.


Human perfume IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Due to their high alcohol content. A dog's skin is extremely sensitive and would get easily irritated.


As stated in an article that I wrote in the National Post (see PRESS), I do not believe that stripping any type of dog is the easy way of grooming. I will do my utmost to bring the best out in every one of your pets. Unfortunatley, owners do not realize that by not brushing and looking after their dogs, that the coat of the animal will end up matted to the extent that the only way to deal with this situation is to cut the dog's coat as close as possible to get rid of the matts. Matting results in too many problems on the dog. The skin, not breathing, may develop hot spots or skin problems. Matts are also easy for fleas or ticks to hide in and the hair being knotted will pull on the skin and make the dog feel uncomfortable.

So please brush your pet as often as possible (at least once a week). Do not wait until the only way to groom your pet is to strip his/her coat.