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Dog Of The Month

January 2020

Hi, I'm Charlie an almost 2 year old miniature schnauzer but I also like to go by Chuck, Charles, and Chu Chu! I like to think I'm a great guard dog but in reality I just stare out the window and bark at the squirrels. I play hide and seek when it's time to go for a walk, but once I'm out, there's no bringing me back in! I love my mom, dad and two sisters... and anyone else who will give me attention!

I love going to Chi Chi's, Daniel is the only groomer I've ever had and he makes me look the most handsome! My favourite part of my visits are getting treats from Rena at the end. Thank you for taking such good care of me!

~ The Lake Family

December 2019

Hello there. My name is Boots. I am 7 years old and I feel and act like a newborn. I love cuddling and car rides. My Papa is my #1, although Mama can be too when she gets me treats.

I am glad my Mama found Chi Chi's Grooming. I wouldn't have it no other way. It's been 3 years. Rena is awesome at booking my appointments and Daniel is an expert at my grooming session. I love it when I'm pampered. Thank you both and see you guys soon.

~ Boots and Family

November 2019

Hi my name is Ace and I'm a very friendly 3 year old Shih Tzu. I love snuggling with my family, going on walks and long drives (mainly to bark at people through the window).

We have been going to Chi Chi's for many years and it is always a pleasure with Daniel & Rena. We always appreciate the treat bags and the bandanas, You're the best. See you soon!

~ The Rex Family

October 2019

Hi my name is Penny and although I've been told that I am an eight year old mini golden doodle, I really think that I am a small human. My favorite things are going for long walks and having staring competitions with the neighbourhood squirrel - I can wait for hours. I love people, especially the kids on my street who always ask for my paw. I can't wait for Halloween because I love dressing up and giving out candy at the door.

I have been going to Chichi's my whole life and they treat me so nicely. Thanks Daniel and Rena!

~ Laura and Mark

September 2019

Oliver is an 8 year old Yorkie Poo, who is one of my best friends. I couldn't be more happier with my "Cuddle Pup". I couldn't be more happier to find a place like ChiChi's for my Oliver to be pampered and cleaned up. Daniel and Rena both are so caring and make sure my pup is always looking great when he leaves there.

Thanks to both of you from Oliver and me. I am so glad to have found you.

~ Ann

August 2019

Hi, I'm a cute and lovable (according to my parents) little Schnoodle who is turning 4 this month and my name is Ruby. I love every human and every dog (as long as they don't come upon me with aggression) and I am also a little cocky as I believe that everyone loves me, which fortunately they usually do!

I am grateful that I am brought to CHI CHI's to be groomed by Daniel and to visit with Rena. I am treated as if I am one of their own dogs and I leave looking like the amazingly beautiful little Schnoodle that I am - as I said I am cocky!! Thank you Rena and Daniel, you are amazing.

~ Ruby, Barb & Karl

July 2019

Hello, my name is Menina. I am a Portuguese Water Dog and I will be 8 years old this month.

My home is a busy place, with family and friends coming and going. I am the family guard dog and I bark at anyone I see near our house. I also bark at squirrels, as well as the mailman.

I am new to Chi Chi's and find it a friendly grooming place. Daniel is a great groomer and keeps me looking good. I also like the treats I get from Rena. My parents are also very pleased with the grooming provided by Daniel.

~ Pat and John

June 2019

Hi my name is Percy actually it's Percival like the Arthurian Knight I will be celebrating my 13th birthday in September. I don't think I'm 13 I still jump like Tigger. I am so glad we found Chi Chi grooming! Rena and Daniel have always treated me so well. I've been going there for a number of years now and will continue to do so.

Thank you Chi Chi groomers and thank you Rena and Daniel!

~ Thank you Janis and Garry

May 2019

Hello, my name is Chase and I will be celebrating my 11th Birthday this month. I have been going to Chi Chi's most of my life. Daniel & Rena are the best, they care about me a lot and even gave me a leash when I didn't have one. Daniel & Rena always give me toys and yummy treats to take home with me.

Thank you Chi Chi's for always taking great care in my grooming for so many years and loving me..

~ Parents: Peter H & Diana T
~ Brothers Dan & Matt Ippolito

April 2019

Hello, my name is Bailey and I am a 9 year old Maltipoo and am Dog of the month! Of course I am. Just look at me. I am stunning! Some say I don't look a day over 6. It's not easy looking this good you know. It takes a lot of skill from my stylist Daniel. He always does a great job grooming me! Thank you Rena and Daniel for the many years of care for Bailey. You're the best!

~ Maggie and Frank

March 2018

Hello, my name is Charlie and I am a Bichon-Poodle Mix. Ever Since my mom adopted me, Chi Chi has been my groomer and always will be. Not just because Rena would give me treats after every appointment, it's also because Chi Chi is so patient wtih me - I'd rather jump off the table and play with the other dogs! Anyway, Chi Chi manages to do a great job making me handsome, and I'm so grateful for their kindness too (they gave me a birthday cookie for my 1st birthday!)

~ A.B.

Febuary 2019

Lucci is a 7 year-old Shih Tzu who will be turning 8 years old this month (February) on Valentines Day. Lucci loves going for walks, barking at squirrels out the window and hiding her treats throughout the house. Her favourite treats are French fries and bacon strips. Lucci is a very social dog who finds her way onto peoples laps at the dinner table to listen in on the conversation. From dinner table to the couch - Lucci loves to snuggle especially if you have a fuzzy blanket on your lap. For a little dog, Lucci likes to bark at bigger dogs to show them who's the boss. Lucci's personality is as unique as her fur which is all white with black spots and she never leaves the house without her red collar (red is her favourite color). Lucci loves getting her hair cut (since 2013) at Chi Chi's and always looks forward to getting a special gift and/or treats.

~ Lucci's Family XXOO💗

January 2019

We totally lucked out when we were introduced to Chi Chi's!!

Both our pups, Leo and Ella absolutely love Daniel and Rena (and we do too J) Leo is a 1.5yr old Shih tzu Bichon mix and his sister Ella is a 10 month old Shih Poo. We have been bringing Leo and Ella to Chi Chi's ever since we have had them and would never consider another groomer. Daniel has the magic touch when it comes to our pups. Ella loves everyone and completely adores Daniel, however Leo is a bit more apprehensive when it comes to other people outside his household. When he first met Daniel, it was amazing to see how he just let his guard down and immediately took to him.... Just like magic J

Thank you Daniel and Rena for taking care of our pups just like they are your own!

~ Linda & Randy

December 2018

Bailey is a 9 year old Cockapoo. Bailey is a very quiet and shy dog but she loves going to Daniel for her spa day. I would highly recommend Daniel & Rena to anyone as they are always friendly and Bailey comes out looking fabulous. I tried a few different groomers and I was starting to give up hope on finding a good one. One day I was at the hockey arena and I asked around and a few people were telling me about Chi Chi Dog Grooming and I should give it a try. I can say we tried it and we never looked back and that was 8 and a half years ago. If you're looking for a great and friendly place to take your dog then this is the place to go.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

~ R.K.

November 2018

Pepsi is an 11 year old Bichon Poodle mix. She has been getting groomed at Chi Chi's for years now and always has a lovely experience. Daniel keeps her looking dazzling with his skills and Rena is so welcoming and helpful. I love the personal touches that they provide like bandanas and gift bags. They even gave Pepsi a collar once when they noticed hers was worn out. Thank you for the great service and friendliness!

~ E.B.

October 2018

Shaka our 11 year old Airedale Terrier has been going to Chi Chi for longer than I can remember. He loves his visits so much that he starts jumping around in the car with excitement as soon as we turn the corner and pull into Chi Chi's driveway. I guess he knows it's spa day. Both Daniel and Rena are great and Shaka enjoys them both. I would recommend anyone to use them. Service is great and they don't mind if Shaka tinkles on the flowers.

~ S. S.

Sept 2018

Took Zozo for his third Grooming which he loves at Chi Chi's Grooming. The owners are very caring and polite and Zozo feels so much at home when he's there, as he is so relaxed with the One on One treatment that is given to him. He comes out with that beautiful smile and satisfaction that we as humans feel when everything is ok. I highly recommend that you take your pets (puppies/Dogs) to CHI CHI'S Grooming and see for yourself how relaxed and caring the atmosphere could be.

~ A. H.

Aug 2018

Dear Daniel (Mr. Chi Chi)

Gucci is a pure bred 12 week old Maltese and we wanted to make sure he would not be traumatized for his first grooming. We were very impressed with your website and with your reviews and Gucci approved too. Well it's evident Gucci was very happy 😊 as he was kissing Daniel so much that I knew he would be our forever groomer. Thank you Daniel for making Gucci look like a designer dog. He got so many compliments, he didn't even want to take off his cute bow tie you put on him.

Thank you also to Rena who made sure Gucci had a treat and a toy, it was like his birthday and she was great at accommodating my appointment.

We will see you all in 6 weeks as we want our Gucci to always look handsome.

Best regards,

~ Nathalie

July 2018

Hi, my name is Sarg. I'm a 1 year old Standard Schnauzer and I'm new to Chi Chi's. So far... Daniel is Paws down the best guy I know who can put up with me during a hair cut. See... my new parents rescued me 3 months ago and I didn't understand what was happening since everything happened so fast, but since then I feel GREAT and it all started with Daniel and Rena.

Thank you guys for making me feel so good and so loved.

~ Karen

June 2018

Hello everyone, Spencer loves Chi Chi. He does such a great job and he puts a lot of care in to what he does. Spencer even got a birthday treat, a hat, a toy and bow tie! He is so handsome now too.

If there is one wish I want most in the world, it will be for you to live for 500 years more! Let’s have lots of fun together in the days to come! Best birthday buddy.

~ Abby BC

May 2018

Hello everyone, My name is Guinness! Yes dark & cool just like the beer. I am a Bichon Poodle mix, who is the king of my castle.

I love lots of human food especially at Christmas time, so if you got lots in the kitchen I'll be right there sitting!'ve been going to Chi Chi's grooming for a number of years now and I'm really appreciative of the work that is put in to maintain my "whoof whoof" sexy!

So keep up the good work you guys and I'll see u both soon.

~ Guinness

April 2018

"Tucker, grey dog standing, is 11 years old. He loves his mom and doing anything with his mom, such as walking and snuggling. Levi, black dog, is 7 years old. He loves his brothers, his mom and especially meeting his friends both dog and human, when walking. Mr. Wilson, grey dog laying down, is my first rescue dog. He is about 8 or 9 years old. He loves meeting people and chasing squirrels.

I have been going to Chi Chi's for many years. Daniel treats my dogs like they are his own. I am very particular about how my boys are cut and Daniel understands and does an amazing job each time. I will never go anywhere else."

~ M.S.

April 2018

"Tuka/Tuna is a Burmese/Siamese, 15 year old, cross eyed cat, that we are featuring for April "APRIL FOOLS"!!! Please understand that We DO NOT Groom CATS. However, we just had to post Tuka/Tuna for good measure. She is so darn CUTE! Being such a good hunter, she will often leave her prey insides slippers. She must always be fed at 6 A.M., like clockwork. And, Tuna just loves her owners. Her treats and toys are her favorite things. Quiet and also vocal, Tuka is affectionate and loves to be scratched."

~ G.G.B., J.B., L.G.

March 2018

"Suzy is a 5 year old Chihuahua/Shih Tzu. She is my shadow. She goes everywhere I go. She is my little angel. Suzy has been coming to Chi Chi's. Dog Grooming for 5 years. From the very first day that we started coming here my Suzy fell in love with Daniel. Just the mention of his name and Suzy gets excited. I will NEVER take my Suzy to see anyone else. Coming to Chi Chi's is like coming to see our family. We love them."

~ Janice De Sousa

February 2018

"Wild is our 3 year old loveable and playful Labradoodle who thinks she's more person than dog. We had previously taken Wild to pet store groomers and always left disappointed with the quality of their work. Now that we've found Chi Chi's, Wild looks amazing after her haircuts!
Daniel is a true professional who listens to our requests and treats Wild like one of his own."

~ S.J.

dog named Kujo
January 2018

"I've had Cujo since he was 3 weeks old, this year, he'll be turning 15 years old. So you can just imagine the bond that we both share. We've been coming to Chi Chi since 2008. I can honestly say I wouldn't trust any other groomer with Cujo. They treat Cujo like their own pet. I am always impressed by their grooming services, as Cujo is content and happy every time he goes and looks fantastic after each grooming service. I would highly recommend Chi Chi to any dog owner. Their dedication, commitment, and passion towards dogs and ensuring client satisfaction is empowering and inspiring. Thank you Chi Chi."

~ Vinay Saini

dog named Ace
December 2017

Ace is a pomeranian that is six years old. He has been coming here since 2013

Ace is adored by all, gentle & loving and rules the house and loves his humans. Dan is the only one he allows to groom him, no matter how hard he plays. Chi Chi has him looking like a little gentleman.

~ Owner: J.D.